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EuroShield Recycled Rubber Roof - EuroSlate, EuroShake

EuroSlate, EuroTile and EuroShake are Eco Friendly Roofing products made from Recycled materials, the primary ingredient being rubber from tires. A unique manufacturing process incorporates a quality control that results in durability characteristics unsurpassed in the industry. As you might expect with a roof made of rubber, impact damage such as from large hail is of no concern to those who own a Euroshield roof. It simply bounces off.

EuroShield roofing products in Ontario come in 3 foot wide panels which lock down at the butt edge to the course below and fit into each other. This assures a secure, weatherproof layer of protection against the elements. EuroShield installation is also fast and easy which results in considerable cost savings.

EuroSlate Colour Chart

EuroShake Colour Chart

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